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Let Marin Financial Therapy Guide You Safely Out of the ‘Emotional Money Maze’

Money Does Talk, and the Conversation Begins with You

Marin Financial Therapy Founder Laurie Buntain


With 20 years of experience on Wall Street and a decade as a financial therapist, Laurie Buntain understands money’s conflicting messages. Dispelling myths is step one.  “Money does talk,” she advises, “and the conversation begins deep insider of you.”

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), money is the top cause of stress in the United States.

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Financial Therapy Unlocks the Deep Emotions That We Have About Money — Learned Behavior from Peers, Family, Childhood


Financial therapy is a new field of psychotherapy that looks at the value of money as translated by our emotions. What we learned as a child, the influences of peer groups, how we define our role in society: exploring external influences like these are at the root of financial therapy.


Psychotherapist Laurie Buntain, LMFT, delves into the deep-seated emotions that can give rise to so-called money disorders, which in turn can create complex personal behaviors. Hoarding. Binging. Penny-pinching. Obsessive shopping or gambling. These are just a sampling of the often debilitating traits that emotional money problems can cause, if left, untreated. Laurie first looks at your money "habits," then explores what is at the root of the behavior.

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Financial wellness is mindfulness about our relationship with money. – Laurie Buntain

  • 77% of Americans report feeling anxious about their financial situation
  • 58% feel that finances control their lives
  • 52% have difficulty controlling their money-related worries

Source: CNBC

Understanding Money, as Our Experiences Define It, Is the First Step in Financial Healing

Worries about money can affect your health, your relationships, your job, certainly your sleep. Through financial therapy, the value of money is translated by our emotional reactions to it. If left to our imaginations, misconceptions about money take a toll on our lives and those of our loved ones.


Today, professionals like Laurie, who have experience in the world of fiance and figures, recognize that the key to financial wellness is not simply a matter of good bookkeeping: Financial wellness is mindfulness about our relationship with money.

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The value of money is translated by our emotional reactions to it. – Laurie Buntain





Laurie Buntain's $MoneyMatters$ group workshops are held throughout the year in Marin County, CA, normally on Monday evenings for seven weeks. The workshops are designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to explore attitudes about money in a supportive atmosphere.

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Couples or individuals. In-person and by-phone sessions.