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Resources to Start You on Your Financial Wellness Journey

Money Personality Assignments by O. Mellon

Money personalities cover the gamut from hoarders and spenders, to bingers and "money amassers." See what steps you can take toward financial wellness based on your "personality."

Example: If you avoid money, your assigned is to address one aspect of your moneyl ife that you usually avoid (e.g. balance your checkbook).

Example: If you hoard money, do the opposite! Once a week, go out and spend money impulsively on a purchase for your immediate pleasure.

Laurie Buntain's 'Personality Homework'

Eight questions to ask yourself about money to help you discover what money means to you at the deepest levels of the psyche.


Money Talk, by Gender


Men tend to view money as representing power and identity; women see money in terms of security and autonomy.


Men view money management in terms of long-term strategies (retirement, taxes). Women tend to view money in short-term goals (finding bargains, balancing the checkbook).


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