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Laurie offers both individual and couples counseling, and her sessions are available in-person or by phone.

In general, as Laurie defines it, financial wellness is about:

  • Maintaining reasonable and low debt
  • Having an active savings plan
  • Having and following a conscious spending plan
  • Lack of conflict with family/partner around money
  • Experiencing high levels of financial satisfaction
  • Experiencing low levels of financial stress

Financial Well-Being Is More than Having 'Enough' Money, It's About Nurturing a Healthy Attitude


A pioneer in the field of financial therapy, Laurie Buntain brings 20 years of experience to her practice as a former investment advisor in a variety of capacities, including financial analysis and research, risk arbitrage, and domestic and international equity trading. Her expert knowledge of the financial world makes Laurie eminently qualified to help her clients understand the underpinnings of their own, often complicated relationships with money.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Laurie received a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University in San Rafael, Calif., where she has taught the Psychology of Money, and she holds a Certificate in Life Coaching from JFK University in Pleasant Hill, Calif., and is a member of the Marin County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.


Words of Financial Wisdom

“Money is probably the most emotionally meaningful object in contemporary life. Only food and sex are its close competitors as common carriers of such strong and diverse feelings, significances, and strivings.” – David Krueger


Suze Orman suggests that money problems are rooted in early experiences with money, including both positive and negative experiences during childhood, cultural influences and early learning.


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Couples or individuals. In-person or by-phone sessions.